The Alternative Deep Web and carding forum list sites of tor network

Good community, I hope this contribution will serve as a benefit for those who try to grow on the Internet and at least if it is not your case, so that you take a consistent knowledge of what the Deep Web is and what you can do inside.

NOTE: It is a tutorial for educational and learning purposes, it is not my responsibility or that of any member of the forum what you do with the information presented.

TUTORIAL PUBLICATION: You can share the tutorial in any medium, you can add information. You may not misrepresent information or remove accurate data such as features, definitions, or images.

I will try to make this article progressive from the basics to the advanced so that, whether you have knowledge or not, you can understand from A to Z what I will explain.

The Alternative Deep Web and carding forum list

Why when we think of the Deep Web, do dark people, rapists, murderers, porn among coffee makers and endless ideas come to mind? While it is true that some things mentioned are found on the Deep Web, it does not mean that they do not exist in the "real" world which is for us; Google.

Nor is it true that it is only possible to find illegal situations and actions on the Deep Web, since in the day to day of us on the Internet, it is possible to find the same illegal options in Google's own search engine, examples such as: mafia forums, carding, hacking, and a long etcetera we can see, access and acquire from our common browser either Chrome, Firefox or IE among others. don't take Carding forum list as the most truthful sites they can be fake too

So, the ideal question would be why does the Deep Web exist? if we can find, see and acquire the same from the common web or http that we know. We could end up in a loop all based on the ideologies that are created and closed around the Deep Web.

For example, why do we translate the Deep Web into the dark Web or imagine it black, malicious, and full of viruses?

The Deep Web is nothing more, translated into Spanish, than the deep internet or deep network and this is not necessarily synonymous with illicit acts. A person who browses the deep web –(from here I will refer to the Deep Web as a deep network) – is not necessaryly committing acts of vandalism or breaking the law.

The dark web is mainly characterized by 3 factors:

1)Browsing is anonymous as long as we allow it.
2)You have access to a variety of protocols apart from http such as: ftp, smpt, ftps, etc.
3)There is no indexing as we currently know it in the search engine which through a link to another website, Google crawls and indexes the other site to its network.

What goals can a person have by surfing the deep web and exacly on carding froum list?

The same ones you or I have, looking for work, information, contacts, multimedia, etc. I mean person to whom you browse however, the deep web is used by companies, governments, groups and for what? As there is no indexing that we know, for example a company wants its access to the network to be private and therefore creates its control site in the deep network, in this way it maintains its intranet somewhat more secure. People need the carding forum list so that they do not fall under the bait of scammers.

There are pages of all kinds, from online stores to buy sunglasses to stores where to buy amphetamines. For us to browse these sites is not in breach of any policy. By entering a porn website in the mountains, you will not go to jail and neither will the FBI fall into your home. It is good that the deep network is always related to cyberattacks, computer crimes, scam, robberies, murderers, etc. and it is not for less. Carding forum list: on these sites people publish carding forums that do not deceive their customers

The deep network allows you to anonymize your actions if you wish and of course it is the target of many crimes that on the common web for example could not be carried out or if you did them, you would end up in prison.

But not everything is bad, we are SEO and the deep network is also a market to exploit.

What services can we offer in the deep network?

  • SEO as we know it
  • Negative SEO
  • Selling VCC to verify accounts
  • BTC Sale
  • Spotify, netflix, porn, wwe accounts, etc, etc, etc.
  • Gift Cards
  • We can put our dropshipping store with amazon for example or the one we want.
  • *Many other things not so legal.

Offering your services isn't bad and they won't go after you for doing so either. You can set up an online store, buy your domain and exploit the deep network market.

What payment methods are used in the deep network and how do you communicate with your customers??

Of course, being a network not controlled by anyone, it is possible that many of your customers are scammers just for the simple fact that it is easier to contact someone, sell or buy something.

The payment method par excellence is BTC (Bitcoin) since there is no "transaction tracking" despite the confirmation of bitcoin nodes but there is no way to find you and / or claim a payment. Carding forum list is a very good tool for both sellers and buyers

But you also have payment methods such as: Wester Union, Bank Transfer, PayPal.

Working with BTC allows you to have security in your payments, that if you get paid you can deliver your service or product safely without fear of losing it after for example in PayPal they open a dispute.

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