Dark web Directory sites that you won't find in regular search engines

List of links to the most popular sites of the Darknet In order to find sites with a suitable theme, you need to open their list. Such dark web directory of links of sites to USA are in the Darknet itself. They can take you around the web and show you the most interesting corners of it:

The Site "Godnotaba" on the Darknet

OnionDir (http://www.dirnxxdraygbifgc.onion/) - a list of links and explanatory short descriptions (in English).

Hyperlinks are opened, as in a regular browser - with the left mouse button; OnionDir site on the

Flibusta Darknet (http://www.flibustahezeous3.onion/) - from site directories to online libraries. The Flibusta site is one of the most popular libraries not only on the Darknet. But on the regular Internet, this portal is often pursued by cencorship. In this regard, users often look for mirrors of the site in the dark web you can use our dark web directory for find a lot of interesting sites on the darknet; The site of the Filibust Library on the Darknet

The Pirate Bay (http://www.uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion/) is a mirror, one of the most popular torrent trackers in the world;

MixerMoney (http://mixermikevpntu2o.onion) is a popular platform - a mixer of cryptocurrencies. Allows you to send cryptocurrency from different exchanges.


There is a different commission for operations. It will work only if Javascript is enabled in the browser; MixerMoney Website In some cases, English-language forums and darknet sites dedicated to money, the page may warn that the entrance to the site may not be safe. Thus, everyone decides for himself whether he needs to come here.

What is dangerous Darknet?

 There are many dark web directorys where you can find darknet links on the darknet that exploit "zero-day vulnerabilities" – holes that developers are not yet aware of. Such vulnerabilities allow, for example, to monitor you through the camera and microphone of the laptop. By opening Tor, you make your computer part of an onion net. And due to this, you can become an accomplice to major crimes committed by hackers - the same bruteforce of passwords or DDoS attacks. Or your computer will start to slow down, because someone will mine on it. And recently there are tools that continue to exploit the power of your computer, even when you closed the browser (there is an invisible window). Pages on the darknet can disappear from the access zone for some time or disappear forever.


Download on the darknet is danger, documents for Word and Pdf rar. The probability of contracting the virus from them is much higher than in the open part of the Internet. Of course, the Tor Project tells you how well everything is protected and safe. You must take links from trusted dark web directory. But the network was originally created for the military and special services. So they may well use it for their own purposes. Problems that the user may face The stolen thing that you buy cheaply on the darnet has a host, theoretically he can find you. The seller can get real data about you and blackmail.


You can be trivially deceived, it happens here all the time. If you are not tech-savvy, darknet crooks can hack into your computer (you'll click on a bad link, voluntarily install spyware), steal information and money. Children and people with unstable psyche can get psychological trauma. A programmer who is asked to write a harmless script for good money may be drawn into a criminal scheme as an accomplice or accomplice.


Really harmless software on the darknet is usually not ordered. The seller can be an employee of the authorities. Such acquaintance is not always fraught with judgment. Theoretically, you can get to extortion, become an informant or "live bait" in other matters. According to another myth, some sites host media files, viewing which can lead a person to suicide. At the moment, there is no confirmation of these theories, so the main danger of the dark web remains the spread of drugs, the sale of weapons and the placement of pornographic materials.

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