Where on the Internet buy credit card balance: What's going on in the Darknet

The Darknet is a network that provides complete anonymity to users. This property is often used to carry out illegal operations, as well as to access blocked sites. We figured out how the law is trying to limit Darknet, and what the users themselves are saying.

What can be found on the darknet?

 Darknet is a very large network where people open many shops and offer their services, for example, you can buy credit card balance on the darknet. A credit card with a balance is another person's card that was previously the owner of this card.

Carders have stolen the data of these cards and are selling it on the darknet. After people have bought a card with a balance, they buy various things with these cards and pay with them. If a person complains to the police, they start looking for him and catch him. Buy  credit card balance is illegal.

Not only criminal, but also educational: what Darknet can boast of
In the public mind, the Darknet has an image of a site where lawlessness and criminality reign. This is only partially true.

Daniel Seblec, a lead engineer, tells us that databases containing company documents, contracts with counterparties and suppliers, employee personal data and personal customer data are merged into the Darknet and people buy  credit card balance and more goods on dark web.

A 2021 study found that 60 percent of all lists can harm companies, and the number on the Darknet has grown 20 percent since 2016.

Attackers can undermine a brand's reputation, launch a DDos attack, "denial of service," crash a website, and steal the IP addresses of potential customers. 66% of corporate information leaks are caused by insiders.

That is, employees themselves steal documents and financial data for the purpose of blackmail, extortion, or profiteering. Employees get their hands on a whole portfolio of confidential information: card and passport data, income and real estate information.

Those familiar with the medium from user experience tell us that some content is off-limits even in this permissive territory. Over the years, the community has gone to great lengths to exclude pedophiles not only from its resources, but in principle from TOR.

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