Is the darknet links completely illegal what is its peculiarity?

Filed by Tor metrics,the darknet is used by more than 2.5 million users worldwide. How do they get into the "Dark Internet", why was it created and why does it still exist?

- What is a darknet and what is its peculiarity?

- People who are engaged in illegal darknet links and activities, somehow need to communicate in the real world. As soon as there was an opportunity to communicate on the Internet, these people began to use it, but on the Internet they were also persecuted. Then there was a secret Internet - the so-called darknet.

The peculiarity of the darknet links is primarily that it is not available for conventional browsers. To access the darknet, there is a special browser connected to the Tor network(The Onion Router). How does Tor work? The user sets up the program and agrees that he will be an intermediate link for someone, and at the same time will be able to use other participants in the Tor network as intermediate links. When a person makes a request on the Tor network, this request passes through several nodes, the resulting in hiding his return address.

In 2008, they created a Tor browser,in which the Tor system is built directly. Due to this, you can get into a closed network immediately. Darknet links look exactly the same as regular ones, but their address looks like a set of numbers and letters. You can only access such sites through Programs related to Tor. In addition, for this you need to know the exact address of the site or search for it through the search engine of the Tor browser.

- Why is the darknet still not controlled by the state?

- It all started a long time ago, when the first major darknet portal "Silk Road" was invented - "Silk Road". On this portal, people traded all sorts of forbidden stuff. The creator of "Silk Road" William Ulbrich was searched for several years and in 2013 was found: in one of the first comments on the forum, he accidentally lit up his e-mail.

In parallel with the search for William, the Tor network was actively trying to hack, and first by order of France. The French were able to open the network and actually on the fly to decipher the requests and addresses of users. But cunning entrepreneurs began to apply the same scheme as in ordinary life: nothing static, everything dynamic. While law enforcement officers are looking for the violator, the information has time to become outdated and his illegal business moves to another address. Someone is calculated, but the bulk of such dealers exist. Because no large hierarchical system can defeat a small and dynamic system because of its own inflexibility.

- Is the darknet links completely illegal?

- Often people hide what they do not want to make public. Some of these things may be quite legitimate. For example, snus: candy with nicotine, chewing tobacco and the like De jure these products are not prohibited, but due to the opinion of the masses at the moment to sell such goods is very
not easy. And in the darknet can be sold and bought any legal goods, not only the black there is present.

- How deep is dark?

- This can be described in one word: the bottom is still far away, very far away. In fact, the darknet is inside the Internet, and we already have the Internet everywhere, even in the taiga and at the North Pole. There are data centers that are located at a depth of 50 meters underground, in former bomb shelters or liberated weapons storage facilities. They can easily be servers for darknet sites. Or Google data centers, some of which are rented out - they also host darknet sites. That is, the darknet, like the Internet, is not limited in space. It is simply blocked by a certain layer, which can only be passed with the help of a certain program.

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