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This article was found on the Internet! We have translated it into English and are publishing it for you! Carding from the words of a carderding forum, so we think you will understand very carefully what carding is.

I am writing an article for those who think that carding is the apogee of light grandmothers....
I'll start at the beginning


1-What is carding

Carding forum fraud with payment cards, carding (from the English carding) is a type of fraud in which a transaction is made using a payment card or its details, not initiated or confirmed by its holder.

If this is fraud, then it is not legal!who has problems with morality and conscience, go work on other topics.


Go to Google and look for pens, not small all the same(Articles full, in-fa everywhere the same)

3-How to open a carding forum?

How to become a carder?and even successful, this question I asked myself for 7 months in the period from 2014-2015!

The answer to this question is very simple.If you think that you will read a couple of articles, manuals from WHH, take not a small amount it seems to you that it is not small, believe it here is a penny, in the region of $ 500, you will turn out your dirty deeds and in a year you will ride a Lexus, etc. Then you are mistaken. Here you need to have a head, imagination, straight hands, the ability to analyze your mistakes, and patience!

This is the situation you are not satisfied, you want everything easily and quickly. You think, what to do?go to ka then I will be trained by tough guys, they will tell me everything for sure, I will pay them money, but also a fortune (~ $ 1000) and then again. After reading the manuals and articles you go to study, give money, study ... And at the moment of training you understand that you are a complete moron, gave such a bubble ... for empty.

You already knew it (from those, last year's manuals) and did not open anything new for yourself, then you have a moment of realization that you could buy yourself (~$1000) in a year maserati.But then again by, from these (~1000) you could buy yourself Calvin Klein panties with nothing. So, how to get out of this abyss.

It is very easy to devote all your free time to this (read articles not about how to drive the CTC into the BTK, but about how the anti-fraud shop, sticks, etc. works!) and have a start-up capital of $ 2000 (and then not enough) and test, test, test and analyze.And only then you in six months, a year will begin to understand where you climbed and what you can have from it.

That's how it all turns out, but I told you this on the example of an ordinary average statistical user (like myself. But if you are a lucky kinderwood, you can do it and comprehend everything much earlier and achieve success faster, but my advice to you is kinderwood, go buy a ticket to the housing lottery, do not get into this, this is a whole science where you need to constantly work, eat a lot and sleep a little, so you also break the law... why do you need it?

Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made scheme for the same thing, but the theme will die and your thought is not used to thinking in this direction and you will again go to buy and understand the essence much later.

But again, ready-made schemes working at 100% no one sells and certainly does not expose under the hyde on the forum.The theme of the liba dies, or died, or it needs to be finalized.It is more pleasant to come up with something yourself and milk it for a very long time.
In principle, this is all.A little gave his point of assessment of the painful.

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